Team coaching?

Building your Team – a blueprint for success

Caroline Jory and Nigel Thomas’s ‘Building your Team’ team coaching programme

What do we offer?

Building your Team – a blueprint for success is a one day workshop during which we take you and your people through the 7 key factors needed to create a high performing team.

It is designed for teams who want to work together to unlock their potential.

We work with the team on what needs to be created – whether it’s from scratch or adapting an existing approach. By the end of the day we’ll provide your team with a bespoke blueprint for them to finesse and complete.

There are key ingredients in successful teams which retain talent: effective communication, psychological safety & growth opportunities. We use  Peter Hawkins’s (2017)  definition of team coaching in which ‘the primary client is the whole team, rather than the individual team members’ and base our programme the Henley Business School’s 7 characteristics for team coaching.

Our Building Your Team programme is designed to transform how you and your people work together and the meaning they get from that work. The  content and style of the programme is flexible depending on where you and your team are at, what you need, and how much time you have.

Here’s a taster of some of the topics we provide that you may want to include in a programme designed for you and your team.

What and where do we want to be?

  • Creating a new vision
  • Dealing with obstacles
  • Goal setting for team and individual
  • Team identity and belonging
  • Team communication and culture
  • Managing conflict
  • Squashing limiting beliefs
  • Celebrating successes

Who will benefit from our ‘building your team’ programme?

The whole team! A successful team has a clear purpose, a membership that is positive about its role and has strong feelings of belonging, and which celebrates individual and collective productivity and success. But a successful and happy team does not just happen. It needs to be built and sometimes rebuilt and we believe this is best achieved together with the team. Our ‘building your team’ programme will be particularly beneficial to:   

  • teams not working well together      
  • new team leader or members
  • teams who want to grow in confidence
  • project kick off
  • teams who want to change their ways of working and re-energise
  • staff who want to improve their team communication
  • teams preparing for change, new business context
  • teams who want to exceed expectations
  • teams uncertain about transformation, challenges within the business

How does it work?

The duration, scheduling and format is up to you. The programme can be online or face to face and take place across half a day or up to 3 full days. The  programmes will typically be developed using the following process.

  1. Exploratory online meeting with you/your team leader to agree needs and aims for you and your team
  2. individual online coaching session or online survey with each team member to establish what they believe are the key issues and what they want from the team development
  3. 2 hour online or face to face with you to agree format, scheduling and details of the programme

What do you get from the ‘Building your Team’ programme?

  1. A detailed and tailor-made tailored ‘Building your Team’ programme
  2. A blueprint for how to work together going forward
  3. Pre-reading and / or short tasks to make sure we make quick progress.
  4. Brief interviews or a survey to provide members with immediate input
  5. Highly interactive sessions delivered by Nigel and Caroline in which all staff are>
    • are listened to
    • are able to contribute to personal and organisational developments
    • learn about their own and others’ strengths.
    •  clear on the outcomes for them and their team
  6. A short report or presentation outlining: context, aims, pre-coaching comments, options considered, learning gained, actions agreed, and post-coaching feedback.
  7. Expert facilitation from 2 senior professionals who have been there, and are experienced in managing and leading teams.

About us

Based on our breadth of experience working in public and private sector in large complex organisations through to small agile start ups, Dr Nigel Thomas and Caroline Jory offer bespoke workshops, on location or online. Running private coaching practices, Nigel and Caroline have teamed up to bring together our knowledge and ability to transform teams and culture, empowering each individual we work with to feel better about their own purpose and direction in life.

Dr Nigel Thomas

Nigel uses his extensive experience as a senior leader to support individuals and teams with their challenges and ambitions. He helps people identify what really matters to them, where they want to get to, and how they’ll get there. His coaching and mentoring practice is based on combining his deep understanding of complex workplaces and developing high levels of rapport with his clients.

Before turning his full attention to coaching Nigel has been a University Dean, Head of a Sports Department, a Senior Lecturer and a National Sports Development Officer.  He researched and published widely about disability sport and has worked in the university, charity and local authority sectors.

Caroline Jory

Drawn to the space where wellbeing meets work, Caroline supports people through changes they want to make in life, finding new ways to work beyond burnout and creating habits that lead to more fulfilment in all areas of life. Her practice incorporates advances in neuroscience, mindfulness, methods for navigating change and building confidence.

Prior to becoming a coach, Caroline worked at senior level in marketing for 25 years,  leading teams and working with global companies and SMEs in B2B and B2C across international markets, including SaaS and start ups. Clients over the years have included Post Office, John Lewis & Partners, Waitrose, Victorinox, Audley Travel, Iceland Foods, Air Mauritius, Constance Hotels.

Now we are both balancing life and work, bringing our knowledge and ability to transform teams and culture, while empowering each individual we work with to feel better about their own purpose and direction in life.

*Hawkins, P (2017) Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership, 3rd ed. London: Kogan Page





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