What can Coaching help with?

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Support in life is crucial

This is highly personalised coaching that gives you a plan you can own, incorporating the reality of who you are and what will work for you. Talking without taking action won't help. Creating a to do list without working on your own self beliefs and resilience won't get you there. I will show you each step you need to take through the unique framework I've created. Whether you need life coaching or you have a creative business and need a thinking partner to bring support with strategy, sales and marketing get in touch. I also offer online group coaching, workshops including at Bamford at Daylesford in the Cotswolds.

Personal development

Reaching mid-life – reaching a stage in life where you feel it’s now or never, we work on building confidence, strengths and core beliefs to find the courage to take the leap to do the thing you feel passionate about.

Feeling lost, depleted by stress, and in low mood – you’ve read the self help books and downloadable pdfs but nothing seems to be working,
you feel grumpy, anxious, tired and swing from self care to self doubt. We identify what works for you, creating a plan that you can own.

Following major change – maybe from divorce, redundancy, a re-evaluation, people come to coaching to help create a plan for what they want to do next, to build their life back up, and find meaning.

Creative business or development

High performance without compromising wellbeing – learn healthy, empowered ways of working. Whether you want to prevent or recover from burnout, you’re an emerging leader, or you are looking to stop working full time and explore what the next chapter holds.

Seeking more self-purpose and alignment in your career – how to get more from work, feeling burnt out from years of earning but not feeling aligned to your purpose, or doing a job you fell into, and never really loved. We’ll work together so you can make well guided decisions about your next career move, becoming more effective and strategic as you move forward.

Strategic business change – drawing on my 25 years experience in marketing, I work with highly successful creative women and women setting up their own small creative businesses on their business strategy, sales and marketing strategy for growth. 

Interview or important meeting/presentation – support for when you need to prepare strategically for a big moment and want to put your best self forward.