What can coaching help with?

Coaching offers a process to help you understand where you are in your life, and where you want to get to, drawing on your own narrative and insights to achieve sustainable change. Your coach supports you in the journey, exploring assumptions and perceptions you’ve built up through life that may no longer serve you.

Often people arrive with an idea they want ‘life’ coaching or ‘career’ coaching. But in reality, the two intermingle and an integrated approach looking at the whole person is highly effective. If you are looking for personal development, the choices you make at work influence this.

And if you’re looking to make changes at work, or need support in leadership and strategy, it’s important to look at the whole self as we take ourselves to work and our way of approaching life, influences and assumptions impact the decisions we make, how we collaborate, and manage relationships around us.

Here are a few ways coaching can support you, whether you’re looking for personal development and life coaching, or career or coaching.

I believe support in life is crucial, and below are some of the key moments where Coaching can really help.

Life coaching / Personal development

Reaching mid-life, that moment in our 40s, male or female, when we look back on what we’ve achieved and feel we’ve lost our sense of purpose and meaning. Taking time to re-evaluate what we want and need can help set you up for the new phase of life ahead.

Perimenopause and Menopause – for women, this time in life involves massive physical and emotional changes, and coaching can help you become more aligned with the woman you are now.

After having children – the seismic life changing moment when our values seem to shift overnight. Becoming a parent is incredible but it is also sometimes overwhelming. Having support to understand who you are now helps as you look at your place in the world as a mother or father as well as your individual self.

As our children head into their teens – many women in particular lose their sense of self at this time, as their children start to become more independent and need them in a different way from when they were very young. Working with a coach at this time in life can help you to strengthen your own sense of identity again, and help you prepare for when your children leave home.

During and after divorce, or the ending of a long term relationship. The turbulent exhausting months and years after break up involve a huge amount of re-evaluation. Coaching helps build resilience as you manage the change and start to rebuild your life.

Following bereavement when the urgency to live a meaningful life is thrown into sharp focus. Often after therapy, people find coaching helps them to review what is and isn’t working for them now, and to make changes they have put off or want to make as they step into the future.

Work coaching / Career and leadership development

Juggling career with starting a family in your 20s, 30s, 40s – for women especially, this can be a hotbed of conflicting desires and needs. While life sometimes has a way of deciding these things for you, working through your options with a Coach will help you navigate what you want and create a plan for getting there.

Returning to work – for men and women, the return to work after maternity/paternity leave time can feel daunting. It can also throw up lots of questions about what you want from your career, you might feel more compelled to succeed while others lose their confidence, feel they’ve fallen behind while being on, and wonder how to get back into the frame. Coaching can help you review your strengths, support you in having challenging conversations and navigate your career while juggling family life.

Seeking more purpose in your career – if you started working 20-30 years ago, the world is a very different place now, and often what we started out doing is no longer fulfilling us. For people who are just starting out, it’s a confusing time as you navigate what opportunities there are and how they reflect your values. Working with a coach allows you to get the support you need to explore your options and align your career with your values so that you ultimately get more meaning from your work.

Business challenges across SMT – coaching provides support to resolve these including relationship and strategic barriers.

Strategic business change – coaching helps you identify what is getting in your way and provides a plan to implement change.

Interview or important meeting – support for when you need to prepare for an event and want to put your best self forward.

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