How showing yourself kindness and love will change the path of your life

Self belief and self talk, the dialogue we have with ourselves and showing ourselves the same kind of love we give to those closest to us, is a huge topic in coaching. The crux of it is that the beliefs we hold about ourselves directly affect the life we create for ourselves. So if you […]

Why boundaries impact your self esteem, happiness and success in life

Why boundaries impact your self esteem, happiness and success in life Boundaries come up a lot in coaching – when I work with a client and we come up against a barrier of them not feeling able to say no, of feeling pushed over by others, or taken advantage of, we start to do work […]

The power of keeping a journal

  Do you keep a journal? Do you keep one for business or your personal life? the power of journaling – and how you can turn it into a daily activity that brings positive change to your life. There’s a wonderful quote by Robin Sharma, Canadian writer that says ‘ the world is created twice, […]

Understanding how to build your resilience and what drains it

Resilience is our ability to adapt to change, our capacity for change.  It’s normal for resilience goes to go up and down but since the pandemic started, it’s taking a battering as there’s been so much uncertainty around us. Something we can do in times like this is pay more attention to how we fill […]

How to have challenging conversations

Here I want to share something that comes up a lot in coaching – challenging conversations and how to navigate them. With every client, relationships will come up. Whether it’s personal or professional, relationships are central to our lives.  And so at some point in the coaching sessions, we consider this question ‘what is the […]


In this article I want to talk about mindset – and how the way we look at things affects what we create in life. Because what’s at stake here is the difference between living a life of scarcity versus living in a world of abundance. So what is mindset? Mindset is a set of beliefs that […]

7 reasons to have coaching

The turmoil of 2020 has brought great uncertainty about the future and led many of us to question the meaning in our lives. Behaviours or issues we ignored for years have come to the fore, and old routines and habits can seem less relevant in the world we are living in today. But despite the […]

What can coaching help with?

Coaching offers a process to help you understand where you are in your life, and where you want to get to, drawing on your own narrative and insights to achieve sustainable change. Your coach supports you in the journey, exploring assumptions and perceptions you’ve built up through life that may no longer serve you. Often […]